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  1. 29.04.20

    New survey for SARS-CoV-2 immunology

    The RfB is offering a new survey for SARS-CoV-2 immunology (IgG, IgM) at short notice. For details, please see the following document (D / E): Information about SARS-CoV-2-survey

    Important: The registration deadline for the first survey in this quarter is 6.5.20, the shipping date is 13.5.20.
  2. 15.01.20

    Survey periods for CMX 2020 have changed

    The survey periods for CMX 2020 published in autumn 2019 are no longer current. You can find the correct periods on our website under the following link:

    Periods for CMX-Surveys 2020

    and in the PDF version of program booklet:

    program booklet 2020

    When planning your external quality assurance, please take this data of the survey "Cardiac Markers in Whole Blood” (CMX) into consideration.

  3. 07.11.18

    New analytes in survey bloodgas (BG)

    From 2019 onwards the following additional parameters will be available:
    - urea
    - creatinine

    - lithium
    - magnesium
  4. 23.07.18

    Survey Newborn screening - NBS

    With the following questionnaire we would like to evaluate the demand for additional measurands within the framework of our survey for newborn screening (NBS). Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill in this short form and send it to us by post, fax or via e-mail (info@dgkl-rfb.de).

    With best regards
    RfB Organization Team
  5. 13.04.18

    Survey Sweat Analysis

    The Reference Institute for Bioanalytics wants to conduct a survey for sweat analysis in the second half of the year. In order to estimate the interest and plan the survey, we ask you to fill in and send us the short questionnaire sweat analysis if you are interested (post / fax / e-mail).

    Thank you for your help.
    The survey management
  6. 05.04.18

    New EQAS Faeces diagnostics

    Starting this year the RfB will provide surveys for the faeces diagnostics.
    We will offer the first one, FD1/18, free of charge as a pilot survey. The scheduled dates as well as the prices from the 2nd survey (FD2/18) can be viewed at the following links:
    survey dates
    survey details

    The following parameters are part of the survey:
    • Hemoglobin iFOBT assay (quantitative, qualitative)
    • Hemoglobin/haptoglobin complex (quantitative, qualitative)
    • Elastase -1 (quantitative, qualitative)
    • Calprotectin (quantitative, qualitative)

    For further participation please use the following order sheet or use our online system:
    order sheet FD 2018

    All participants that have indicated interest in such a survey by replying to our corresponding poll will get sample material.
  7. 06.07.17

    New comment feature on our website

    We have created the possibility to insert comments into the evaluation overview. This gives you the opportunity to clearly document specific issues and measures taken for a survey. The evaluation overview including the comments can be printed out and stored together with your other documents.
  8. 18.01.17

    New surveys for resistant bacteria

    In the last few years the resistance development against antibiotics increased. For this reason we already launched a survey for MRSA-Screening. To complete our proposal and promote standardisation, we would like to announce surveys for MRGN-Screening (multi-resistant-gramnegative bacteria) and VRE-Screening (Vancomycin resistant Enterococci). More information are available in our current survey-scheme.
  9. 27.06.16

    Survey newborn screening

    In the surveys for newborn screening the analytes IRT and PAP were added, which are determined in the context of early detection of cystic fibrosis (CF). With this new offer of analytes we have changed in our program the short name of the survey TS to NBS (Newborn screening) from the 2nd survey 2016 on. Existing orders for TS have been set according to NBS.
  10. 23.05.16

    New analyte anti-Müllerian hormone in survey SD

    After multiple requests by our participants, we have introduced the analyte in our survey pregnancy (SD) diagnostic. The first evaluation will be available in survey SD2/16.
  11. 11.02.16

    Webupdate 2016 released

    From now on, our webupdate for 2016 is active. We have implemented the new function "reminder e-mails" for you, in order that you don't forget a survey deadline. In addition, new long-term evaluations are available under the "evaluations" section. Please find the details here.
  12. 04.02.16

    New analyte osmolality

    In our survey for clinical chemical analytes in serum (wet chemistry, KS) you can now also determine the osmolality.
  13. 06.03.15

    DGKL submits Englisch Translation of the Rili-BÄK

    The „Deutsche Vereinte Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin (DGKL)“ submitted the English Translation of the “Guideline of the German Medical Association for the Implementation of Statistical Quality Control and of External Quality Assurance Studies in the Field of Medicine” (Rili-BÄK). The Online Version of this special issue of the journal “LaboratoriumsMedizin” can be accessed here.
  14. 11.12.14

    Survey: Are you interested in a ring trial about Ethyl glucuronide in urine

    The RfB intends to provide surveys for the determination of ethyl glucuronide (ETG) from urine. In order to plan these surveys and assess their needs, we ask you to return this form to us if you are interested in. Alternatively just send us an email with your participation number and the keyword "Ethyl clucuronide in urine". Our e-mail address is info@dgkl-rfb.de
  15. 24.09.14

    Preganancy tests are no longer “ringversuchspflichtig”

    The according publication of the “deutsche Ärzteblatt” can be downloaded here.
  16. 30.07.14

    Immunological surveys are open for registration

    Starting from now, our new immunological surveys (such as BorrBimm), that will be on in the second half of the year, are open for registration. As usual, registrations are accepted by web, by post, by fax (registration form) or by phone.
  17. 06.01.14

    Improved scheme for your current surveys

    The participant pages are now divided into “past”, “current” and “upcoming” survey sections. These are controlled by tabs. With this, we hope to improve the scheme of your current RfB-survey.
  18. 23.03.13

    New website of the RfB

    With the launch of the new website of the RfB, there are additional features available now:
    • Combined administration of several participant numbers
    • Improved administration of e-mail-addresses
    • Administration of shipping options
    • Change of languages at all times
    The new profile administration is the basic module for the new features. For help, please use the "?" buttons. Additionally, the new web manual can be downloaded at „help“ below. We appreciate any comments and feedback via info@dgkl-rfb.de

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