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This website provides all information concerning the accredited EQA schemes of the RfB:


  1. Change of our email addresses

    From now on our e-mail addresses no longer end with @dgkl-rfb.de, but with @spmd-rfb.de. For example, info@dgkl-rfb.de becomes -> info@spmd-rfb.de. E-mails to the old addresses will still be delivered in a transition phase. However, we would ask you to adapt your address book today and send e-mails to the new addresses.
  2. Now available: Purchase orders for 2021

    From now on, we take purchase orders for 2021. Please be aware that all orders of the contract type A are already copied to 2021. We recommend to wait for the new program, which includes an ordering scheme, before placing your next order.
  3. New survey for SARS-CoV-2 immunology

    The RfB is offering a new survey for SARS-CoV-2 immunology (IgG, IgM) at short notice. For details, please see the following document (D / E): Information about SARS-CoV-2-survey

    Important: The registration deadline for the first survey in this quarter is 6.5.20, the shipping date is 13.5.20.
  4. Survey periods for CMX 2020 have changed

    The survey periods for CMX 2020 published in autumn 2019 are no longer current. You can find the correct periods on our website under the following link:

    Periods for CMX-Surveys 2020

    and in the PDF version of program booklet:

    program booklet 2020

    When planning your external quality assurance, please take this data of the survey "Cardiac Markers in Whole Blood” (CMX) into consideration.

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